About Me

My name is Clare and I’ve been working in the field of cat behaviour for seventeen years, eleven of those as an accredited Cat Behaviourist with the COAPE Association of Behaviourists and Trainers International and the International Companion animal Network. 

I spent the early part of my professional life climbing the corporate ladder in some of the world’s most well known organisations such s the BBC, Citibank and Reuters.  However, in 2001 I decided to take voluntary redundancy to fulfil my ambition of working in the animal welfare sector.

During the three years that followed I worked at a number of animal welfare charities as well as doing voluntary work for local animal shelters and catteries. At the end of this period I found that I had acquired not only lots of knowledge but also an even greater awareness of the importance of education in relation to animal health and wellbeing, and this made me more determined than ever to help owners more directly.

I’ve always been a bit fanatical about cats (having owned my first cat at the age of 4!) so taking the decision to specialise in cat behaviour was a no-brainer, and soon afterwards I achieved my first certificate in Cat Psychology.

In 2007 luck was on my side when Vicky Halls, internationally renowned cat behaviourist and author, employed me as her Practice Manager and Researcher for her books.  Over the next six and a half years I had the unique privilege of being mentored by Vicky, the result of which is that in 2013 I attained my Cat Behaviourist accreditation with Distinction through the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology and am an Associate member of the CABTi.

Having achieved accreditation I decided to set up own practice taking veterinary referral cat behaviour cases and have been helping owners solve their cat conundrums ever since! I am completely committed to working with owners and creating as much educational content as possible to try and make the quality of life of our as good as it possibly can be.

White and black cat lying on its back with its front paws outstretched